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One to One

One to one Clinical Pilates is available at a location of your choice. Choose to visit me or alternatively train in the comfort of your own home. Level 3 trained and certified teacher with a full range of equipment to enhance your experience. The first 30 minutes of your consultation is free of charge which is a great opportunity to discuss any postural challenges you may be experiencing and discuss goals and aspirations that you would like to achieve from our time together. As part of the consultation, we will discuss the basic principles of Clinical Pilates and how these are applied through mat-based exercises and routines.

A personal plan will be designed to help you achieve the absolute best from your individual workout. These exercises will be tailor made for any postural challenges you may have, adding equipment to enhance and improve your programme where necessary. Gradually core strength and stamina will improve adding new exercises to build overall health and  well-being.

Price per session £50
Block of five £250
Block of ten £450

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All sessions are booked in advance to reserve our time together.

If you are going to reschedule your appointment I ask that you provide 24 hours notice. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the session and will be charged.

Block bookings are valid for a 3 month period only.

Group Classes

My classes are intimate and personal.  Movements are very precise. Routines are based on quality and not quantity.  Starting with a solid foundation from Joseph Pilates you are guided through a sequence of slow and controlled moves. Learning about the body truly is one of the most rewarding activities you can do.  Developing the control of your body is very powerful. 

 A sense of well-being flows from feeling at ease with your body and marvelling in the strength developed from within. I also help you to learn about body awareness and how small changes over time can build a foundation that is strong and the confidence to maintain.

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All classes are booked and paid in advance to reserve your mat place in 8 weekly blocks.

If you miss a session you can catch up live on a Thursday evening via zoom 6.30-7.30. Numbers are limited do check availability to secure your place.

Virtual Classes

When setting up your space to exercise, be sure to have enough room to stretch your entire body out on the ground and reach arms and legs out from your center in all directions. A quiet space is ideal.

If you plan to stream or join a live online class, ensure the room you use has strong wifi signal.

Take into consideration that you are learning to use your body in a new way. Gaining awareness of your movement, using breath, and flow are all important parts of your Pilates practice.

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LaJuno Schedule 24
  • Level 3 trained and certified teacher with a full range of equipment to enhance your experience.
  • I hold a first aid certificate in accordance with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and up-to-date insurance.


What do people say

Justine is an incredibly experienced Pilates, Stretch and Yoga Teacher at the top of her game and with her own unique style. Her deep knowledge and understanding of the body comes across in her informative and nurturing way of teaching. Always putting a positive spin on things, she helps you realise your potential in an enjoyable environment that makes you feel you are in safe hands to explore different pathways in your body. I would highly recommend Justine for all levels of ability and experience, she certainly has something for everyone!


Great attention to detail for those who have injuries. Slow and methodical teaching approach.


Justine focuses on teaching clinical pilates and has a very clear and detailed understanding of skeletal, ligamental and muscular anatomy which she brings to bear on the exercises that she leads people through in her Pilates sessions. If you have a particular condition, injury, or persistent problem, she incorporates relevant exercises to address and relieve symptoms and hopefully your discomfort. Needless to say the expressions no pain no gain does apply here in the sense that often you have to target the areas that are the root of the issue – something that Justine has been good at identifying in our experience.


I’ve been doing private classes with Justine for a little over a month now, plus some group classes prior to that. She’s incredible…does not miss a beat and notices all the tiny things and tiny cheats that I’ve come to rely on, to keep me moving day to day. Justine has so much information in her head that there’s always another way to do something if I’m battling, but I love that she challenges me to try movements that I think I can’t do…and she’s always right. I feel stronger for her making me try.

Justine is a kind, no-nonsense instructor and I feel extremely lucky to have found her!


Both myself and my husband have been attending Justine’s classes for 4 years.

During that time I have had two total hip replacements and made excellent recovery from both. This has been in large part due to the work I have done with Justine, who has been brilliant at enabling me to gain confidence, increase the range of movement and develop stability and strength. My husband, who is in his seventies, has seen even greater improvements in his overall mobility. When we first started to see Justine he was struggling to walk for any length of time. He is now walking at length and pain free.

Justine is absolutely dedicated to developing her own knowledge and skills and using them, with the utmost professionalism, to improve the mobility and overall health of her clients. She is extremely observant; she has a deep knowledge and understanding of physiology. She tailors her exercises and advice to meet the specific needs and capabilities of her clients, whilst at the same timealways enabling you to reach beyond your own expectations of what you can do.

Heather & Tim

I’ve been attending and loving Justine’s Pilates classes for about 2 years. Her approach is instrumental in my growing strength and fitness, as well as general well-being. It’s the best exercise that I do every week. I leave each class taller, relaxed and invigorated. Justine’s instruction and hands-on approach has meant that my Pilates technique stays safe and free from injury and I have a sense of real improvement. She’s really helped me reconnect with, understand and love my body.


I have been attending pilates classes with Justine for nearly 3 years and I can honestly say she is an amazing teacher!
She is supportive to individuals needs and reassures those with injuries or ailments, by finding alternative exercises that are more suited to them.
I have definitely noticed improved core strength and complete toning of my whole body. 
I really enjoy Justine’s classes, look forward to every session. They really help to relax my mind and body…. I definitely notice when I miss a class!


I’ve been attending Justine’s Pilates classes in person and now virtually for around 3 years, they are the best classes I have found. I finish each class feeling like I have a new body. I’m tall, with a long torso/spine and have had posture issues for years. Justine is really helping me make a difference. There is always a great balance of relaxation, focus on technique and challenge. Class sizes are well managed to ensure Justine can give individuals support and attention on specific areas for improvement. Justine’s approach is routed in clinical knowledge, her own experiences, as well as being a people person, warm, caring and a great laugh. Her passion for clinical Pilates and health and wellbeing shines through and inspires others.


Justine is a top-class clinical Pilates teacher, and with that ‘clinical’ focus, I couldn’t recommend her enough. Whilst she’s taught me many techniques that I use at home, I still attend one of her weekly group sessions because of the continuous support she provides and because the variety of her classes means I work so many more muscles and postural imbalances than I would purely working alone. I’ve also had some excellent 1:1 training sessions with her. Whichever form of her class, Justine is rigorous in understanding any problems in one’s spinal alignment – whether postural or through injuries (or both). She has a sincere, bubbly and caring personality that you can trust.


When I first signed up for Justine’s clinical Pilates class some 7months ago, I was in significant pain with my lower back. I had been having expensive 1-2-1 sessions with an Osteopath which had helped short term, but I was becoming increasingly aware that I needed to take charge and invest for the long term. I am so thankful I did! Justine is an amazing instructor, despite small, engaging group sessions, there’s a definite focus on our individual needs. The currently virtual hour-long sessions, are relaxed and very easy to follow, with clear guidance and instruction, Justine does not miss a thing! She has this impressive ability to not only explain instructions and why important, but pre-empts what we are thinking, acknowledging them before we ask!


Enrollment Form

Please ensure that you fill in this enrolment form and return it to me via email, prior to your first class.