Lajuno Pilates

Justine Kenny

Clinical Pilates Teacher

Who am I?

Pilates has been my passion for several years, and I remain a student of Pilates, continuing my own practice and always learning new techniques to help my students achieve the very best outcome they can.

My Journey with Pilates

Over the years I have taken part in many activities. My background includes Ballet, Running, Weightlifting and Martial Arts.

I knew that I needed to find a form of exercise that improved my athletic performance and prevented recurrence from injuries as well as improving my core strength.

I came across Clinical Pilates and how this created body control and strength. Coupled with the correct breathing techniques this method of training improved my overall fitness and a flexibility in my limbs that I could only dream of having before. The result, a toned body free from injury.

Having recovered from a spinal injury, I decided to embark on a teacher training program and a solid foundation of knowledge I could bring to the wider community.


My training includes a thorough grounding in anatomy & physiology. Studying all types of body postures and how these can impact individuals.

Collaborating with patients closely over an extensive timeframe and developing a supportive best first outcome for postural change.

I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Some of whom have serious injuries and life challenges. I feel privileged to provide comfort and support but more importantly a formula that works for them. To improve quality of life and to keep them doing all the things they love.