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What do people say

Justine is an incredibly experienced Pilates, Stretch and Yoga Teacher at the top of her game and with her own unique style. Her deep knowledge and understanding of the body comes across in her informative and nurturing way of teaching. Always putting a positive spin on things, she helps you realise your potential in an enjoyable environment that makes you feel you are in safe hands to explore different pathways in your body. I would highly recommend Justine for all levels of ability and experience, she certainly has something for everyone!


Great attention to detail for those who have injuries. Slow and methodical teaching approach.


Justine focuses on teaching clinical pilates and has a very clear and detailed understanding of skeletal, ligamental and muscular anatomy which she brings to bear on the exercises that she leads people through in her Pilates sessions. If you have a particular condition, injury, or persistent problem, she incorporates relevant exercises to address and relieve symptoms and hopefully your discomfort. Needless to say the expressions no pain no gain does apply here in the sense that often you have to target the areas that are the root of the issue – something that Justine has been good at identifying in our experience.


I’ve been doing private classes with Justine for a little over a month now, plus some group classes prior to that. She’s incredible…does not miss a beat and notices all the tiny things and tiny cheats that I’ve come to rely on, to keep me moving day to day. Justine has so much information in her head that there’s always another way to do something if I’m battling, but I love that she challenges me to try movements that I think I can’t do…and she’s always right. I feel stronger for her making me try.

Justine is a kind, no-nonsense instructor and I feel extremely lucky to have found her!